And this is what I found...
And this is what I found…

And this is what I found this morning after leaving Bear alone for a few minutes while I loaded the washer.  Bear had pulled all of the clothing from the bottom drawer of her dresser and stuffed most of her clean clothes here.  Unfortunately, this is not just any trashcan.  We cloth diaper, and this was full of wet, dirty diapers.

And here

I also found clothes hidden under the chair in her room.  The girl moves fast!

Within a few minutes, I set her to work returning the clothes back to her drawer, which would later be thrown into the dirty laundry by me, but I wanted to make the most of a teaching moment, which was something along the lines of “Bear, we do not throw our clothes in what is the equivalent of your toilet.”  I am certain that this sunk in, because later, she actually hesitated a moment before reaching into the toilet to grab what was floating inside as I was cleaning her dirty diapers.

Busy bee

Before long, all of her clothing had been returned to its rightful place.

Well, almost.

All done

I think that a lesson was learned here.  The question is, though, by whom?