I received an email from WordPress earlier this week.  According to WordPress, if my blog were steps, its viewers would have climbed The Leaning Tower of Pisa 4 times.  Or something like that.  Apparently, I am on blogging fire.  This is curious since I haven’t posted since Halloween.

I have developed a love-hate relationship with this blog.  In fact, at one point, I had an entire post written in my head where I was going to break up with the blog for good; a Dear John letter of sorts.  The purpose of this blog was to give me the impetus to write and the accountability to write more often.  Unfortunately, it also has caused me guilt.  I feel guilty when I am writing instead of playing with Bear on my days off from work, and I feel guilty when I am not writing, because isn’t that what I set out to do?

I decided to take a step away for a few months to distance myself from these feelings.  In time, I realized that I would like to continue this blog but to do so without the guilt.  I’ll write when I have time, and I’ll try not to feel badly about it when I don’t.

Thanks to WordPress for the kind, though slightly exaggerated, compliments about my year in the blogging world.  I can’t imagine what the blog looks like that got the “you suck” email.

Happy New Year, friends!