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I experienced a rare burst of energy and inspiration to clean my house this morning.  Despite regular vacuuming and sweeping, our floors have been feeling very gritty lately thanks to summer and bare feet, and I decided that I could stand it no longer.  After our walk this morning, I cleared everything off of every rug in my house (i.e., three) and ran the vacuum.  The dog hid and Bear yelled Quiet! through the entire cleaning.  Then, I pulled out the product of one of my grandmother’s holiday QVC shopping sprees – a steam cleaner.

I may not have read the long-lost product manual well enough, or maybe I just don’t know how these things work, but I have a hard time understanding how piping steam into my carpets makes them clean.   Therefore, I have used the thing all of one time in the three years that I have had it.  However, our dog has recently returned to his nasty habit of pooping in the living room and peeing in the dining room while we are at work, and something had to be done (aside from using bottles of enzyme cleaner every work day, which we do, and shipping doggie of to boot camp, which we may yet do).  So, after another good spraying down of the two rugs with enzyme cleaner, I covered both of them with baking soda thinking that maybe this would help the steam actually do something.  Then, I gave both a solid steam cleaning and then used more enzyme cleaner assuming that the hot steam probably killed all of the enzymes that eat doggie by-products.

The dog watched woefully from the hallway throughout this endeavor, no doubt planning his next deposit when he is fortunate enough to be left alone.  Bear too was less than impressed.  Instead, while I cleaned, she unloaded every toy from her toy chest in the family room and dumped each into a huge pile on my newly “cleaned” floor.

I then tackled our bedroom and stripped the bed while Bear gleefully made another pile of toys next to my pile of blankets and pillows.  Since it was then time for lunch, I somehow convinced Bear (O.K., bribed her with PBS) to pick up the toys in the bedroom and to follow me to the kitchen where I further bribed her with milk while I made lunch.

After lunch, Bear actually seemed tired by our simultaneous cleaning/toy explosion affair, so she willingly went to her crib while I sat down and tackled the remaining piles of toys that I had not convinced (or successfully bribed) Bear to pick up.  Fortunately, I managed to box up about half of them to spend some quiet time in the basement for a few weeks.  The living areas of my house look pretty good.  Until Bear wakes up.

I’m afraid that the kitchen and the bathrooms will have to wait until later.  My energy and inspiration have faded.  Now, I need a nap too.

I snuck down the hallway this morning on my way to an early morning yoga class, and as I passed the bathroom, I thought, “that new paint really smells – almost like puke.”  But, I’ve had a cold, so I assumed that my perception was a little off.

Bear has had a cold too, or so we thought.  I was called to pick-up Bear from daycare on Tuesday because she had a low fever.  Her fever persisted yesterday, but beyond a runny nose and some sneezing, she did not act very sick.

When I returned home from my yoga class this morning, I was amazed to find Bear dressed with freshly washed hair.  Before I was able to pick up and hug my clean baby, my husband called out from the bathroom.  As soon as I was near enough to hear, he stuck his head over the shower door to share his story of woe.

Bear slept later than usual this morning and when she finally woke up, my husband went into her room to get her and found her covered with puke.  As he tells it, vomit covered her crib, had dried in her hair, and splattered on the floor.  He explained how trying not to gag, he combed the puke out of her hair as he bathed her and then dressed her for the day.  He also did a quick clean-up job of most of the puke in Bear’s room.  My husband is the champion of all fathers, and unfortunately, this was not his first experience with Bear’s puke, but strangely, especially in light of the other event, he seemed most bothered by today’s vomit experience. 

After my husband left for work, Bear wanted to do nothing more than lie on the couch and watch PBS.  So, I gave her a cup of water and surrounded her with blankies and substitute babies – the real ones were covered with vomit – and I spent the morning attempting to get the pukey smell out of Bear’s room.

I washed her sheet, mattress cover, blanket, and babies.  Then, I used Lysol hoping to kill the germs before I really got into the mess.  I wiped down the crib, the changing pad, the dresser, and the floor, but still the smell would not leave the room.  After all of my effort, the room just smelled like Lysoled puke.  After trying multiple enzyme cleaners without success, I finally got out a bucket of good old-fashioned soap and water and wiped down the entire room again.  Though I noticed an immediate difference, I can still smell the puke.   I’ve resorted to opening the window despite the cold and snow outside and am hoping that little fresh air will rectify the problem.

Now, Bear is still on the couch with her blankies and now-clean babies.  Her fever is higher than it has been.  Soon, I am going to scoop up my warm baby and carry her to her bedroom, which I hope smells of soap and fresh air, and snuggle her until she falls asleep.  I pray that she feels better when she wakes.


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