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I was brushing my teeth when my phone rang this morning.  My husband was calling so I picked it up with my toothbrush still buzzing in my mouth.  I mumbled a hello and listened.  Nothing.  I turned off my toothbrush and set it on the sink and listened again.  Honey?  Are you there?  This time I could hear a churning, mechanical noise in the background.

I listened for another minute, but my husband was clearly not on the other end.  What was that sound?  I couldn’t imagine where he would be that I would hear this chuggy, gluggy noise.  It almost sounded like the washing machine.  Actually, it sounded just like the washing machine that I had started a few minutes earlier when I put a load of Bear’s diapers into the wash.  And, my husband had carried the diapers to the basement for me the night before!

I threw down the phone and ran to the basement.  Opening the door of the washer, I peered inside.  Diapers submerged in dirty-diapery water stopped churning, but I could not see my husband’s phone floating anywhere near the surface.  Instead of reaching into the murky water, I decided to try calling my husband and before resorting to drastic measures.

I called his cell phone first.  It rang and then went to voicemail.  I called his work number next.  Nothing.  Drastic measures it would be.

I drained the water but before the washer could spin them dry, I reached inside and began pulling out wet, dirty diaper by wet, dirty diaper.   After visually inspecting each one while touching it as little as possible and finding no phone, I shut the washer lid.  The washer jumped into action but instead of spinning the diapers, it began sucking at a waterless washing tub and then began jerking and jumping about.  Cringing, I shut it off again.  I decided to start a new wash – and added plenty of soap – and hoped that the washer worked properly.  If my husband’s phone was somewhere inside, it was a lost cause.

My husband called me a few hours later from work.  Were you trying to get a hold of me?  I asked him if he had his phone.  Yeah, I’m holding onto it right here.  Why?  Um, no reason.

And this is what I found...
And this is what I found…

And this is what I found this morning after leaving Bear alone for a few minutes while I loaded the washer.  Bear had pulled all of the clothing from the bottom drawer of her dresser and stuffed most of her clean clothes here.  Unfortunately, this is not just any trashcan.  We cloth diaper, and this was full of wet, dirty diapers.

And here

I also found clothes hidden under the chair in her room.  The girl moves fast!

Within a few minutes, I set her to work returning the clothes back to her drawer, which would later be thrown into the dirty laundry by me, but I wanted to make the most of a teaching moment, which was something along the lines of “Bear, we do not throw our clothes in what is the equivalent of your toilet.”  I am certain that this sunk in, because later, she actually hesitated a moment before reaching into the toilet to grab what was floating inside as I was cleaning her dirty diapers.

Busy bee

Before long, all of her clothing had been returned to its rightful place.

Well, almost.

All done

I think that a lesson was learned here.  The question is, though, by whom?


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